Limitless 2024 – Leaders Legacy Deposit


Leaders Legacy Coaching
Once you’ve applied the 9 shifts to your practice, you’ll keep learning, growing and expanding on your success. The Legacy program offers alumni with three or more years of participation in Limitless Coaching to enjoy the coaching, courses and community to continue to support your success and well-being, at a reduced price.

Leaders Legacy benefits:

  • For members with three or more years of Limitless Leaders coaching
  • Ongoing access to the Limitless Practice Library and monthly coaching calls (Retreats not included)
  • Attendance at Spring and Fall 1-½ day Leaders Retreat for continued coaching, collaboration and community to continue building on your success
  • Keep expanding with the 2-½ day Leaders Everest Experience to continue to stay on track while moving the the needle personally and professionally
  • ​Three (3) consulting or coaching calls with the Coach of your choice (Stephanie, Executive Coach or Practice Coach)
  • Monthly Leaders Peak Practice calls to continue to sharpen the saw, benefit from peer shares and expert guests
  • Monthly Leaders Cohort offers additional time for practical questions and peer collaboration
  • Continued participation in Leaders Mastermind (if enrolled, optional)
  • Priority access to in-person events and specialized courses
  • 10% discount on events and courses

$18,000* Program total

Deposit $3,000 (Collected Today) | $1,250 Month Starting Jan. 1, 2024


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